1. Definitions

Agreement – the binding agreement between you and us comprising the order / application form, credit agreement (if applicable), any direct debit form (if applicable, These Standard Conditions and any variations or special terms agreed in accordance with Condition 2

Credit agreement – the credit agreement (if any) between you and us.

Freetime – (if applicable a period of time specified in the order, where upon commencement of an agreement, you are exempt from standard charges for a limited period of time.

Online Directory – our Internet Directory, www.lookout.ie / www.lookoutireland.com / www.lookoutonline.com

Order – the form which shows details of the lookout advertisement or lookout banner

Lookout advertisement  /Lookout Directory Listing / Lookout Business Listing [terms used interchangeably] – the lookout advertisement specified in the order

Advertisement Copy – the content of the lookout advertisement plus the detail of any graphics that you provide.

Lookout banner – the lookout banner specified in the order

Banner Copy – the detail of lookout banner that you provide.

We – Lookout Ireland Ltd, Trading as Lookout.ie, Trading Address and Contact address for all documentation, Lookout Ireland Ltd, 21 Thormanby Lawns, Howth, Co. Dublin.

You – The person, organisation, firm or company named on the order who wants the lookout advertisement or lookout banner to appear in the online directory.

2. Variations to the Conditions

Any variations to this agreement will only be effective if set out in a printed form issued by us and signed by a Director of Lookout Ireland Ltd.

3. Commencement and Duration

a) The agreement shall not come into existence until we have confirmed acceptance of your order by post, email or fax.
b) We reserve the right to not accept orders that we feel are unsuitable for publication in our online directory.
c) The duration of the lookout advertisement is ongoing until cancelled.
d) The duration of the lookout banner will continue until the purchased page impressions have been achieved or until the specified time has been completed as set out in the order.

4. Our Rights and Responsibilities

a) We agree to publish the lookout advertisements and lookout banners in accordance with generally accepted Internet Directory standards and Policies, but we can make any changes to the lookout advertisements or lookout banners that we consider necessary.
b) We will provide the online directory with no user costs attached from us.
c) The placement of the lookout advertisements is at our discretion.
d) You acknowledge and accept that computer and telecommunication systems may sometimes require periods of downtime for repair, maintenance and upgrades and, therefore we cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability. However we assure you we will make our best efforts to keep any periods of unavailability to a minimum.
e) We can decide to discontinue the online directory. In the event of this occurring you will be entitled to a full refund of any money you have paid in advance for services not yet rendered and a fair partial refund for any services only partially rendered, but you will not be entitled to any other compensation or damages.
f) We do not have to display the whole or any part of any lookout advertisements or lookout banners if you have not supplied any part of the advertisement copy or banner copy, or if we believe the material does not meet the standards of the Irish Advertising Authority or that it is unacceptable for some other reason including that it may infringe the legal rights of others or subject us to claims, prosecution, criticism or cause us embarrassment.
g) We will be entitled to prevent the display of any lookout advertisements or lookout banners if you fail to make any payments in respect of it.
h) We will not be liable for any disruption or delay in placing your lookout advertisement or lookout banner on the online directory or for failing to perform our duties under this agreement if the failure is caused by circumstances beyond our control.
i) We accept the advertisement copy or banner copy on the understanding that you have unconditionally approved the advertisement copy or banner copy for publication. 
j) Due to the nature of the Internet and search engines we cannot guarantee that your lookout business listing will appear on any search engine after submission.

5. Your Rights and Responsibilities

a) The advertisement copy or banner copy you provide must be accurate, approved, legal, decent, honest and truthful and it must meet the standards of the Irish Advertising Standards Authority. You must own or have the right to use any trade name, trademark or other quality assurance mark, logo or other material that is used. You must own the copyright and it must not infringe the copyright of any third party.
b) The advertisement copy or banner copy must not infringe the rights or pass of the goodwill of any third party.
c) If you want to change part of the advertisement copy or banner copy you must contact us and ensure your details are received.
d) We do not provide a proof, prior to publication, of the advertisement copy or banner copy unless requested.
e) You must pay the amount we invoice you for, using the payment method specified in the order. If you do not make any payment or instalment due under this agreement or any other contract between us, we can keep all sums you have already paid and you will immediately have to pay us any all-outstanding payments. We may also (without prejudice to our other rights) immediately terminate this agreement or any other order from you. We can charge you any reasonable administration costs for recovering the amounts you owe. If you owe us any sum of money, we may deduct that amount from any sum which we may owe you at any time under this agreement or any other agreement we have with you.
f) You shall indemnify us, our employees and agents against all proceedings, claims, demands, expenses, losses and or damages arising from processing or publishing any information you gave us, including any claims arising as a result of defamation, illegality, false description or breach of any third party rights.
g) The order must be placed in the ordinary course of your business and the lookout advertisement or lookout banner must be for your own business. You must not sell advertising space to any other party.
h) You will be entitled to at least 28 days notice in the event of any changes in our charges(LINK).

6. Cancellation

a) If at any stage you wish to discontinue a lookout advertisement or a lookout banner you may contact us in writing, giving us 28 days notice. We agree to remove the lookout advertisement or lookout banner from the online directory and refund any monies paid in advance.
b) In the case of a freetime period at the beginning of any agreement for a lookout advertisement or lookout banner you may cancel part or all of your order by giving notice in writing at any time within the freetime period, or up to three working days after. We cannot guarantee you will receive a written reminder that your freetime is due to end but it is our normal policy to do so.

7.Our Liability

a) Due to the nature of the Internet, errors may be rectified easily. If there is an error in, or omission from your lookout advertisement or lookout banner you must contact us immediately. We shall rectify the mistake as soon as possible.
b) You will not be entitled to a refund for any  mistake, unless you requested a proof and returned it to us with any relevant amendments before the close date stated on the proof.
c) Our only liability (if any) under this agreement will be to provide a refund under condition 7b. We will not be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage including loss of business, revenue, profit or financial loss of any kind arising from any mistake we have made.

8. Copyright

We have the copyright in all artwork, copy and other materials, which we our agents or employees have created or contributed to. You do not gain any intellectual rights to that artwork, copy or other material and you will not be entitled to use it in any other form or in any other media.

9. Agreement

This agreement sets out the entire agreement and understanding between you and us and replaces all previous agreements and understandings between us. You are not entering into the agreement or any part of the arrangements by relying upon any statements or warranties that are not set out in this agreement.